So, we just got back from the chiropractor and Lovebug had yet ANOTHER chance to shine AND wait 'til you hear what she said about homeschooling!

Ok, so Love is getting her back messaged and somehow they start talking about her hitting her patella or something-again. So, of course, like any good mother would do, I start to eavesdrop to see what is being said. (At this time I am enjoying MY message so it would have been hard to say anything anyway with my face burried in the table.) The therapist asks her what's your this and that called and one after another she gets them right! The lady even tries to trick Love and it doesn't phase her. She has given this info so many times now that she has the confidence she needs to answer her. Meanwhile others start to listen in and start to become impressed-and say so. Oh, how awesome is that!? Then, someone asks if she should be in school(that happens a lot)and she tells them that she is homeschooled and MY therapist says, “Oh you're lucky” or “that's great” or something to that effect to which my DD replies-are you ready?-“YEAH”!!!!!!!

My heart soared! We have been having this battle for awhile now and she has been resisting me about homeschooling a bit. We just started last year and she was in public school until 6th grade so that's all she knew to be 'normal'. It has taken a lot of diligence and prayer to come to this point but we are finally seeing some results!!!!!

Now, don't mistake what I'm saying. I have mostly always wanted to homeschool. I just wasn't able to as a single mother for so long. That, and it was scary and I felt so inadequate. I only have a GED from high school that I got 3 or so years AFTER I was out of school, and a little bit of other schooling. I was alone and even though a lot of people support it, it kinda depends on who you talk to-even in Christian circles. It took me a long time to even get my DH to even consider it as an option. Of course at the same time I was trying to convince myself I could do it. The desire was there, just not the confidence.

I'm also not saying there aren't other ways that God can use different types of education. I know some other bloggers that God has blessed through the school system. I do not want to sound like I'm limiting the Lord. Even when Lovebug was in public school there were Christian teachers and I know God had His hand on that. It's not ALL evil. But, I feel those cases are more exceptions than the rule. Mostly because of what we have gone through with my own DD.

We have always been big on Christian principles and ways of life. We have always been close. So why was my DD staring to pull away from me? Most of her sentences started with, “Well the other kids at school…,” or “That's not what my teacher…,” and so on. Not to mention the attitude. (I know that puberty plays a part in this too.) To put it bluntly, I was losing her. She was starting to care so much more about the latest this and that and so and so this and so and so does that, can I have one too… She stopped praying and could never find her Bible, let alone the disinterest.

It would have been different if it were things that were say 'neutral'. But these were things she knew we didn't allow or were opposed to that she now felt she could just ask me for. That, along with once she realized I was sure about my decisions, she started to not talk to me and keep secrets and ask her non-believing father for those things and priviledges. (Of course he would oblige.) It soon became our house: staunchy, no fun-no-frills-but-lots-of-rules Christian home and dad's house: fun, anything-goes-free-for-all-I-can-have-all-the-stuff-my-mom-won't-let-me-have. I literally had to wage war and contend for my daughter's soul both physically and spiritually. I'm tellin' ya, it just snowballs.

So, I know this got long and I apologize. Thank you to those who 'stuck it out' to the end. Please let me know if I haven't explained myself. I do intend to come back to this subject again-maybe not to this length! LOL!

Let me know what your thoughts are about this. Please forgive me if I have offended anyone. Sometimes my passion comes out wrong.

I pray for a fun and peaceful day for all of us. May the many facets of the Lord be evident to you today!


Traci :)

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heresseven April 27, 2006 at 6:33 pm

I wonder what your long ones are like :o)

I loved reading this entry. I haven’t been on for a while, you’ve been making a lot of changes. It looks nice but I miss the smiling faces! Your allowed to step on toes on your own blog …but I don’t think you did anyway.

That was a beautiful post.

I really appreciated reading the path you took to where you are today. Life isn’t easy…and love is hard work (with great rewards!) Sounds like your doing a great job!!!



trustingdaily April 28, 2006 at 2:34 pm

Wow~ that was a heart sharing post! I enjoyed reading about your journey, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you better. You’re doing great!



schomeschoolmommy April 28, 2006 at 11:26 pm

I admire you for seeing that your daughter was distancing herself. And more importantly, for taking the actions to do something about it. To draw her back to you and to your Christian beliefs. I’m thrilled to hear you report that she is warming up to the idea of homeschooling and that people like your physical therapist take the time to compliment her and build her self-esteem.

Best wishes.


nitrocat April 30, 2006 at 5:54 pm

What an answer to prayer! That has to feel good. It always does when we step out on faith and then the decision is vindicated later!

By the time you finish homeschooling, you yourself will have a much better education than most people with a diploma!

BTW, love the ferrets! I had four of them about six years ago and would buy every one that I see if I didn’t have strict sanctions from my husband!! They are actually very good training before you have children, I think!



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