Blurred images, streaks of color, shadows of light flicker in front of me. Shapeless lines, distant voices, echoing laughter inside of me. Rewinding the tape, eyes closed, I’m remembering.

The last few days of life, playing over and over inside me. New faces, new revelations, new confidence, new courage, new tears, new laughter, bubble to the surface. Playing the tape, heart open, I’m reliving.

Being able to squeeze all that has unfolded into a mere list would be for the advanced, I am not her. Some deep things must remain in the deep, though these are what I will share:

111. robust laughter, shared among a room bursting with amazing newly found siblings of the Beloved

112. inner stirrings where revelation is being awakened

113. cherished moments between women, once strangers, now sisters in Christ

114. sharing life and all that it has brought to other souls who say, ‘Yes, I understand!’

115. multitudes of sincere embraces, the ‘Love Tank’ fills to overflowing

116. a safe place to be who I am and to envision who I am becoming

117. finding the courage to obey, Him heaping into my basket its sweet rewards

118. throwing off and casting away chains of fear, proclaiming “THIS IS WHO I AM!”

119. knowing that I know that I know…I am forever changed, conformed more to His likeness

120. tear wet faces from hearts that are full of His love and compassion

121. a silent locking of eyes, no words needed, deep understanding understood

122. witnessing the Father’s hand touch wounds, binding them and applying His salve of healing

123. wise words timely spoken from women who have traveled the road ahead of me

124. sharing new adventures with a dear friend, time for just the two of us

125. coming home, family waiting, into their wide open, love-sick-for-me arms I fall

126. the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit

127. my Knight, my Princess, my Pastors, my family

128. old friendships preserved, new friendships begun

129.  the exciting anticipation of all that will unfold in the days to come!

130. Sarah Mae, Dana, Jessica, Sally, Angie, Todd, Serena, Bonita, Crystal, Courtney, Sarah, Kristen, Jennifer, Kimba, Alyssa, MelissaAnn. (the sponsors of Relevant 2010)

holy experience

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Cherie October 26, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Tears stream down my face, as my soul shouts “yes” to each of the heartfelt thanks listed above.

What fun to have laughed and joked with you, but sorrowful that we were not able to have a “real” conversation! Perhaps here, we start one!


Lydia October 28, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I love reading all of the “recaps” of Relevant 2010 – it sounds like it was truly lovely. Your post was beautiful.


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