Now, introducing the cutest ferrets in town:

Princess Olivia(l) and Prince Oliver(r)!

This was taken a few months ago, they were still pretty new and young. Oliver is now a quite plump little thing and Olivia is a little bigger-but not much. We’re trying to fatten her up! We got Oliver at the pet store as Kayla’s Christmas gift this last year. A short time after that we were in the local pet store and saw they had an abandoned ferret who needed a home. Of course we were drawn to her and we had been looking for a playmate for Oliver. So, they gave us a really good deal and she then became our little Princess Olivia.

They are soooo fun! We never have a dull moment. They are very curious and playful and they are easy to train. They aren’t rodents-they actually eat them in their natural environment. They are related to polecats and it’s kind of similar to having cats..kind of. Ferrets really like to be let loose to explore. They love tunnelling and burrowing and playing with their toys-especially if it makes a noise! ANY noise will do. 

Now that it’s warmer out and they’re older we are going to attempt giving them baths. Ferrets are good swimmers and like the water but they can tire easy. We’ll try the bathtub with shallow water. Like all other animals they do have a bit of an odor, but that can be controlled by bathing, keeping their cage tidy and diet control. You can also get these fun sprays to help their coats stay soft and shiny that are mildly scented. I got the sun-ripened raspberry one.

Well I hope you like the pic. It’s my first one. Now that I know I can do it I’ll start posting more. I love pictures…

Traci :)            

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ServingHim April 12, 2006 at 8:30 pm

They are really, really cute!!! Be sure to post some more pictures.

My daughter has gerbils. Not quite as big as a ferret but they’re cute too!

Elaine <><


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