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To Encourage and Equip

my eyes they see but only dimly this life so rearranged I’m not the same change I’m no longer the same this life no longer my own i try to live that glory may be shown then i fail things unravel storm clouds form, darkness whispers, “I’m coming!” what do I do? where do I […]


As I woke up this morning, my head still clearing from the cloudy stupor of former unconsciousness, my thoughts began to focus on the Lord and what He’s doing with this whole “Write the Word” thing. As the fog dissipated, these words, from the Word, clearly surfaced… Psalm 127:1-2 “Unless the Lord builds the house, […]


I actually started this on Wednesday, so it’s not a whole, official week. Eh, close enough. Let me start by saying how amazing this has been for me: This has been amazing for me! I have been wanting to hand write the Bible for years, and actually, years ago, I did start trying. I can’t […]


I always have ideas running through my head. I’m constantly brainstorming and if you’ve ever talked to me you most likely have heard these words: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”  Thing is, I’m a starter, but not such a great finisher. I’ve heard it called being a ‘visionary’. Sounds much more romantic and spiritual than […]


Please excuse the randomness of thought & emotion as I blurt this out…unedited. I’m sure by now it’s become obvious I have not been consistent in keeping my presence online. For the faithful, I wholeheartedly apologize. In all seriousness, I have been struggling to continue blogging and writing and tweeting and updating my Facebook status. […]


Overcoming Selfishness

by Traci on December 5, 2006

in To Encourage and Equip

Boy is selfishness sneaky! It just creeps in under the door of our hearts and the next thing you know…BAM! You're eyes can't focus beyond yourself. All you can see is that your life isn't the way you want it. Your house could be so much nicer with this and you could be happier if […]


Support Our Troops!

by Traci on July 5, 2006

in To Encourage and Equip

During this time of celebrating the Independence Day of our country, don't forget there are thousands of men and women in our Armed Forces that are continuing to fight overseas for the freedoms we are enjoying right now. Please take a moment or two to pray for them and their safe return to their families […]


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