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The sun peaks around the corner of the drapes where I didn’t pull it over far enough before I went to bed. It’s warmth and glow draw a line on my bed as I try to convince myself it’s time to get up, as in actually out of the bed. I roll over and somehow […]


You know, I just love being a Minnesota girl. I really do. I’m probably a bit biased because I mostly grew up here and it’s mostly all I know, but let me tell ya, I’ve done some traveling and while there have been some places I would love to revisit and would even consider moving […]


This last weekend my wonderful and not-so-spontaneous husband decided, spontaneously, he would whisk me away for a very, very, very much needed getaway. Just the two of us. For 24 hours. Alone. This time, He even did all the planning. All I needed to do was pack. WOW!! I mean, we’re talking super coolness here. […]





A little peek at some of the colors I see here in Minnesota when Autumn winds blow…  


Picking up where I left off in March 2011… When the winds of Autumn begin to busily whisper, about ushering in of the cooler weather to come, I take a moment to remember the colors of summer. 181. red nectar 182. orange orioles 183. yellow bees 184. green fields 185. blue berries 186. indigo grackles […]

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