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Home. They say it’s where the heart is, where we hang our hat. It is where by its hearth, burn embers of love and devotion…sacred togetherness only a family can share. We are here. We are where embraces linger long and tight, where tails wag in unbridled excitement for the chance to kiss faces with […]

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by Traci on October 26, 2012

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I hear you you call out to me i close my eyes and breathe you whisper soft things i can’t believe too hard to comprehend i push aside shaking my head then your voice comes alive teeming inside life, truth, light change has come renewed, restored, redeemed the echo of your words to me i […]


One day I watched a ladybug, so small there on the ground, He stretched his teeny, tiny legs in hopes of morsel to be found. This way, that way, through wood and dirt piled high, He made it to the tippy top, where there he thought inside, “I am but a little bug, searching for […]


Though it’s now gone, the first snow did fall and was glorious. A simple haiku to thank the Lord for His gift…   Dust of stars swirl ’round, hugging earth and taking breath, winter is announced! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> ~11.19.11~


Beloved~ The weather is changing, Spring is finally upon us! So I wrote a poem and this is the Psalm that came to mind as I was contemplating the the arrival of a new season.   Swaying branches catch my eye, as milk white clouds go soaring by. Songs of birds wind carried raised, Fills […]


Behind the Scenes

by Traci on March 17, 2011

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    My days are filled with much to do, barely a spare moment do I get. I have been working when I can, on more and new content. Behind the scenes I’m busy as a bee, I think you’ll like the new things to see. I hope you can extend some grace, and bring […]


Lily among flowers Blooms awaken stretch Petals silken Hand painted A Master’s palette Your creation came For joy of Him His joy for us Gazing upon beauty intended Joined ‘though a moment One in glorious vision ~traci          


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