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In all honesty, I really don’t know how to proceed with the rest of the story. There are so many factors that effected where my life was at when I was 18. A lot of very personal and painful factors that I’m still working through and very few people know about. While I want you […]

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The words burned my ears and I’m sure I visibly flinched in surprise because I remember trying to hold it back. In everyone else’s mind there was nothing to debate. An abortion was the ONLY right thing to do. How could I NOT know that? I think I barely managed to fumble out a weak […]


A new week is here. A new MONTH is here. Hello, DECEMBER! This month is the beginning of the ending of another year, of baking hundreds of cookies and watching quiet snow fall on silent nights. And we mustn’t forget the millions of tiny lights, twinkling houses on cold nights, lighting the way home in […]


I’m white, you’re black, she’s brown, he’s tan, they’re not. SO? while it seems on the outside there are so many differences isn’t what’s on the inside what counts the most? we talk about it, we judge by it race it’s not a condition it’s not something to be fixed it’s only a color and […]


If you’ve visited my blog for sometime now you have probably noticed on my left sidebar a graphic to sponsor a child in poverty through Compassion. There’s a reason for that. Years ago, when my daughter was little and I was trying to eek out a living for the two of us, the Lord put […]


I wanted to share my heart with you about what the Lord is doing in me about all this “Write the Word” stuff. I hope this gives you an idea. I’m not perfect. This isn’t perfect. I’m not doing this for me. This is me, being an advocate for those in need, because God has […]


A lot has happened since I started this journey of handwriting the Words of God in a notebook. I started out of the gates like gang busters. I was riding the wave of excitement and cruising through the book of Matthew. Then…LIFE. One thing I forgot to calculate for was the variable of life interrupting […]


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