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Living Healthy and Naturally

Life was tough last year. It’s taken awhile for things to settle, well, as much as they can be after a major loss. I think I have finally got my bearings straightened out enough to get back into the kitchen. So, I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to my idea […]

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Please excuse the randomness of thought & emotion as I blurt this out…unedited. I’m sure by now it’s become obvious I have not been consistent in keeping my presence online. For the faithful, I wholeheartedly apologize. In all seriousness, I have been struggling to continue blogging and writing and tweeting and updating my Facebook status. […]


Oh am I excited! Bob’s Produce Ranch just opened up across the River from us (right next to a new Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop) and I raided it. I got TONS of fresh produce for meals that will hopefully last the week. They have such a variety and most of it is pick-out-your-own. I got a pound […]


Lately, every time I have sat sown at the computer there's been an interruption. OR, I just haven't found the time to post anything! Love is off at youth camp and Asa is at work. The phone hasn't rung yet. I'm not hungry and I've gone to the bathroom. I am strapped to my chair […]


Here's the breaking news from fellow HSBlogger Mamatc:   Ok, so I have been wanting to walk this week. Even my DD has been asking to go out and walk! (That my friends is just short of a miracle-just ask Ali!) I get up in the morning and pump myself up only to look out […]


New Ticker

by Traci on March 23, 2006

in Living Healthy and Naturally

As you may have noticed I have a new ticker. I decided to track walking around my block instead of how much weight I was supposed to lose.  It was just too painful to see the 'pound meter' not moving. Besides, the weather is nicer now, so I will be able to go outside to […]


I have a terrible drinking problem. The problem is I don't drink ENOUGH. Water that is. So, I have joined w/my friend Ali(dawilli) in the quest for the optimal hydration factor! YES! (This is what I look like and feel like when I forget to drink water:  )   It's quite sad really. The planet is […]


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