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There you are. My brand new, beautiful baby girl, Kayla Love. Your swirl of peaches & cream hair all perfectly placed. You are laying there, knees tucked up to your chest as if you were still inside me. You inhale this little quivering whimper of air, I hold my breath for a moment, you’re ok. […]



by Traci on October 26, 2012

in personal poetry,FiveMinuteFriday,Christianity,Allume

I hear you you call out to me i close my eyes and breathe you whisper soft things i can’t believe too hard to comprehend i push aside shaking my head then your voice comes alive teeming inside life, truth, light change has come renewed, restored, redeemed the echo of your words to me i […]


my eyes they see but only dimly this life so rearranged I’m not the same change I’m no longer the same this life no longer my own i try to live that glory may be shown then i fail things unravel storm clouds form, darkness whispers, “I’m coming!” what do I do? where do I […]


I’m white, you’re black, she’s brown, he’s tan, they’re not. SO? while it seems on the outside there are so many differences isn’t what’s on the inside what counts the most? we talk about it, we judge by it race it’s not a condition it’s not something to be fixed it’s only a color and […]



by Traci on September 14, 2012

in real life,confessions,scribblings,FiveMinuteFriday,writing

I got nothin’. Nothing that’s not heard before, nothing that’s not a cliche. We all know what ‘focus’ IS. I feel like if I expounded it would be adding to the reverberating echo. I’m not complaining. Not by any means. Nor am I making light or scoffing at the other voices. Honestly? I think I’m […]


They say ‘grace’ is ‘unmerited favor’ favor we didn’t earn yet freely bestowed a grace so full i can’t stand knees on ground are where i’m found for i need grace, it’s not what i’m full of finger pointing harsh words no excuses can’t this world just get it right? why can’t i see it’s […]


Change, like a butterfly was once a caterpillar So I was lost and now am found was blind but now i see the change salvation brings to a lost soul in search of the answer to life and the universe can only be answered when our vision changes from the internal to the eternal i […]


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