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I’m white, you’re black, she’s brown, he’s tan, they’re not. SO? while it seems on the outside there are so many differences isn’t what’s on the inside what counts the most? we talk about it, we judge by it race it’s not a condition it’s not something to be fixed it’s only a color and […]


Mostly, I’ve been a procrastinator because of my perfectionism. This time, I’m a procrastinator because I don’t want to let go. I don’t want to NOT be a homeschooling mama. I don’t want to NOT be a teaching mama. I don’t want to NOT be who I’ve been for the last 19 years. I don’t […]


If you’ve visited my blog for sometime now you have probably noticed on my left sidebar a graphic to sponsor a child in poverty through Compassion. There’s a reason for that. Years ago, when my daughter was little and I was trying to eek out a living for the two of us, the Lord put […]


Today, I’m decompressing. Ever have one of those days? Weeks? Years? Yeah, me too. The Lord is moving things in my life. Moving me in the process. The answers for prayers of direction and guidance are starting to appear as the clouds of uncertainty roll away. I feel like my journey through this recent valley […]


These lines. I feel them as I trace along my skin. The marks that exclaim “too much too soon!”. I think back to when they first appeared… Tiny baby, growing fast. I need another box of banana waffles. Please pass the Chinese food? Don’t forget the soy sauce! I was 18. You weren’t anticipated, and […]


*deep breath* My eyes are closed as I exhale, trying to find the place to begin… You know how when you haven’t seen a good friend in awhile and you can’t remember the last thing you talked about and then you realize they don’t know how something life changing turned out? And you want to […]


These last weeks are a reality check for me. What I had hoped to accomplish, well, didn’t happen. I didn’t even come close. I tried to push through the fatigue of a busy schedule. I tried to push past some emotional problems…it was too much. Or should I say, I was too weak? Yeah, that’s […]


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