So, Tuesdays are my day off and I really like them. I get to sleep in(a little) and take my time(sort of). It’s such a blessing that Kayla is 12 and somewhat of a selfstarter. We still need to write out a schedule, but she at least knows what needs to be done and tries to do that–before I get out of bed. Now, don’t get me wrong, she sleeps in a bit too. I’m usually gone when she wakes up so it makes me feel like I’m not leaving her alone as long, you know, because she’s unconscious. I have been struggling a lot w/that lately. I know there is grace because I sort of have to work right now, but I have been increasingly sad that I have to leave her alone to wake up by herself and to fend for herself. She’s is perfectly capable, but we miss that precious time in the morning making breakfast memories and snuggling together. Maybe I need it more than she does.(Probably) If you think of it, could you join your prayers w/mine that my DH Asa would have a peace about making this step? He is a financial man and money and numbers are important to him. (A very good thing.) It can be a real struggle for him sometimes because he takes his charge of being the provider for his family very seriously. We’ve only been married since January so it hasn’t been long enough to really see how our budget is going to unfold, so I can understand his caution. However, my personality is a wee bit different. I would just as soon follow the leading of my heart and THEN figure out the repercussions as they come–if they come. That’s why we’re married. We need the balance the other one supplies to us. Soooo, that is NOT what I had intended to write about at all! It feels good getting it out though. I tend to keep things like that inside. I have actually been feeling that since a month or so before the wedding. I have only recently mentioned it to my DH. THAT was hard. I want to honor him so much and I don’t want to come off as questioning his decisions. HE asked me if there was anything I had on my mind–of course I took him up on that invitation! That was kind of weird. He was never like that when we were courting. Now, he wants to be more involved in my life–like he’s my husband or something! How splendidly wonderful! Well, the day is moving on w/out me and I’m in need of a snack. (Among other things) Have a very good day and may the Lord Jesus richly bless you above all that you could ever imagine, hope or think! Loving Him more and more through His love for me–Traci :)

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Anonymous February 23, 2006 at 7:41 pm

It's been a joy to see the Lord working in your lives. Now that you're married you can rest in the headship of your husband and take your hands off of that role- as you've had to be your own head, your daughter's mother and father for so very long. Let go and let God, as they say…

Keep committing your ways unto Him,


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