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August 2012

Change, like a butterfly was once a caterpillar So I was lost and now am found was blind but now i see the change salvation brings to a lost soul in search of the answer to life and the universe can only be answered when our vision changes from the internal to the eternal i […]


Listless words linger in my mind. Half-thoughts swirling around innermost parts. Sentences start, quickly fade, their endings unknown. Imaged impressions float through hazed vastness, just out of reach. Stretching out, trying to grasp anything, only to pull my hand back, empty. Trying to shake them off, deliberate discouragements, carefully chosen, trigger my flesh. Familiar emotions […]


I wanted to share my heart with you about what the Lord is doing in me about all this “Write the Word” stuff. I hope this gives you an idea. I’m not perfect. This isn’t perfect. I’m not doing this for me. This is me, being an advocate for those in need, because God has […]


Today, I’m decompressing. Ever have one of those days? Weeks? Years? Yeah, me too. The Lord is moving things in my life. Moving me in the process. The answers for prayers of direction and guidance are starting to appear as the clouds of uncertainty roll away. I feel like my journey through this recent valley […]


As I woke up this morning, my head still clearing from the cloudy stupor of former unconsciousness, my thoughts began to focus on the Lord and what He’s doing with this whole “Write the Word” thing. As the fog dissipated, these words, from the Word, clearly surfaced… Psalm 127:1-2 “Unless the Lord builds the house, […]


Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed? (At the Cross) Words: Isaac Watts; Music: Hugh Wilson; John Wyeth Alas! and did my Savior bleed And did my Sovereign die? Would He devote that sacred head For sinners such as I? [originally, For such a worm as I?] Refrain At the cross, at the cross where I […]


A lot has happened since I started this journey of handwriting the Words of God in a notebook. I started out of the gates like gang busters. I was riding the wave of excitement and cruising through the book of Matthew. Then…LIFE. One thing I forgot to calculate for was the variable of life interrupting […]


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