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February 2007

So, I was glancing through the HSB home page and found the link to an article entitled "Total Eclipse of the Moon". At first I thought this could be a clever little double entendre for something happening with the public school system-I wouldn’t be surprised these days. But, being a star gazer myself, I thought I’d […]


Sometimes I think I’m in a dream. Is it really legal to have this much fun homeschoolong?! I am a very blessed woman to be able to homeschool AND I get to co-op with my best friend in real life!!! Somebody pinch me! When I first started this adventure, you would’ve had a hard time […]


Welcome To the New Look!

by Traci on February 21, 2007

in The General Things of Life

Well, it’s mostly done! I have been working on this new blog template for a week or so now and I think it’s coming along swimmingly. I have most of my links up now and can sit back and work out the little things now. I will be starting to visit my friends again and hopefully […]


A Little Template Tweaking

by Traci on February 19, 2007

in The General Things of Life

So, as you may have noticed, I have been changing things on my blog. There are so many things I want to do to spruce it up a bit and clean it up that I am having a bit of trouble deciding what to chose! So, if you visit, please bear with me and feel free […]

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Can I just say, I LOVE Homeschooling?! We co-op with my IRL friend Ali 2 days out of the week. Our main source for most subjects is TOG’s Year 2: From Ancient to Modern. We are still in the Middle Ages. There are sooooo many great things to cover in this time frame and with this curriculum […]


Well, I have to admit, I was hoping there would be more to share. The truth is, the average day of doing things, when all goes well, isn’t very exciting. We got up, got our things together, went to orchestra, had a whole day of practice and visiting, left and came home. That’s about it! […]


*Please Pray!*

by Traci on February 8, 2007

in Prayers and Petitions

I am soliciting prayers for my bestest Darling Friend Ali and her family. Her poor little ones have been sick for a few weeks now and she’s been holed up in her home with them, not able to really go anywhere due to the frigid temps here in the arctic north. They were just starting […]


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