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January 2007

…and now a word from one of our affiliates… Have you heard the news? The people that brought you the award winning, classical education based, integrated unit study Tapestry of Grace, have unveiled their new and improved Year One: The History of Redemption and are offering a *FREE* 3 week sample entitled ‘Go To Egypt’! Use this […]


Musical Mondays

by Traci on January 30, 2007

in Much Ado About Homeschool

Well, another Monday has come and gone and  it seems like they just go by faster and faster! Kayla got a lot of practicing in and was able to practice with a few of the other girls and the big orchestra. She had her small group, lesson, some playing with a few of the other […]


Well, it’s been a little over a month now and Kayla is blossoming in her violin training. She had her first solo recital last night and she played ‘Jingle Bells’. Not the most difficult piece, I know, but she sounded REALLY good. She had great tone, great tempo, great presence…and she wasn’t even nervous! She has […]


Musical Mondays

by Traci on January 17, 2007

in Much Ado About Homeschool

Kayla had a really good practice Monday. She is coming along splendidly. Now she just needs to pick up the pace on practicing at home consistantly. It’s a habit that takes time to form so I’m being understanding about it. Been there, done that. We had a talk about it on the way there. I told her she needs […]


Musical Mondays

by Traci on January 9, 2007

in Much Ado About Homeschool

Well, after a lot of drama w/the car we finally made it to violin practice.  We were late, and I don’t like being late, but we made it thanks to a very great and generous friend. Kayla practiced hard and the fellowship w/Ali was good as usual and we met another mom there and her […]


Please Pray For JenIg’s Son!

by Traci on January 3, 2007

in Prayers and Petitions

Please stop by and visit JenIg’s blog to let her know you are praying for her family and their youngest son James. He is 3 and has been very ill. Coughing, vomiting, fever…They are saying bronchitis and hopefully it won’t progress to pneumonia. Their daughter Coie has posted an update on Jen’s blog. And, Jen’s sister […]

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A Quick Hello

by Traci on January 2, 2007

in The General Things of Life

Happy New Year all! I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year. We were at Asa’s parents house all day after church. We celebrated his younger brother’s birthday, ate, watched ‘Cars’, ate, went sledding in the dark (after the 8 inches of snow fell!–too fun!), ate, watched the ball drop, went […]


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