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December 2006

I just have to piggyback on Ali and Marsha’s posts about the Garvey family. This family needs our support right now. They were in a terrible car accident and everyone was injured (10 children + parents) when their van rolled over a few weeks back. The deepest loss is their 4 week old baby brother, […]


I received this email from Cold Stone Creamery and thought it a waste to not share! I really like ice cream…a lot, as a matter of fact…and their ice cream is very good! You can create your own combinations as they prepare it right before your eyes. Including the flavor of ice cream! We signed Asa […]


Musical Mondays

by Traci on December 19, 2006

in Much Ado About Homeschool

Kayla has been making wonderful strides playing her violin! Here are a few pics from last week’s first practice w/her student teacher. I am so proud of my Princess! She is really taking to learning an instrument and having fun with it. She is still mostly enthusiastic about practicing when we get home too! I remember when […]


Fellowship and Cookies!

by Traci on December 19, 2006

in The General Things of Life

Hey, check out some fun pics of Kayla and I making cookies and fellowshipping with my darling friend Ali and her darling family. I just love these times together! Man, I need a digital camera… We had such a great time and made a lot of cookies! We are still tasting their yummy-ness. It’s great […]


Now that we actually have something going on on Mondays other than the usual let’s-get-organized-and-motivated-and-start-our-week I am hoping to post a little more consistantly. Yesterday we started Love on the violin and she’ll be playing and practicing w/a Homeschool orchestra nearby. My great friend Ali has been doing this and we are joining the same […]


Back up your Blogs!

by Traci on December 8, 2006

in The General Things of Life

There are very easy instructions to back up your blog info at RugbyHS's blog. Pay her a visit, it's worth the whole 5-10 minutes it takes to read and to actually do the back up. If I can do this, so can just about anyone else!   Have a great day all!   Blessings, Traci 


Mandatory Math Day! Part I

by Traci on December 7, 2006

in Much Ado About Homeschool

Ok, so I am not good at math. I excelled in English, French and Band. I was in my Geometry class a whole 2wks when I approached the teacher and we gave eachother a knowing look and the next day I was in Chemistry-to try again. So, should I really be shocked that my sweet, […]

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