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February 2006

Getting organized

by Traci on February 27, 2006

in Keeping The Home

  Today we are spending lots of time trying to stay on track with organizing the house. It seems like we still have so many ‘things’ to donate, throw out, file, do we really need that?, etc. We spent time on the kitchen last week and it can actually be walked into! Now it’s the […]


It’s Friday-date night!

by Traci on February 24, 2006

in Being A Wife and Mother

  So, tonight we are bringing Kayla to my sister’s to spend the night. What will my DH and I be doing you may ask? We will be having dinner at a nice hotel and then spending the night! Kind of like a honeymoon revisited. We’ll stay up late talking and MAYBE watching some cable. […]


Ahhhh, my day off!

by Traci on February 21, 2006

in Being A Wife and Mother

  So, Tuesdays are my day off and I really like them. I get to sleep in(a little) and take my time(sort of). It’s such a blessing that Kayla is 12 and somewhat of a selfstarter. We still need to write out a schedule, but she at least knows what needs to be done and […]

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Have you ever…

by Traci on February 20, 2006

in The General Things of Life

  …wanted to talk about something but couldn’t come up with anything to say? I sat down at the keyboard feeling like I really wanted to say something and just ramble. Now that I’m here, I can’t think of what I want to write about. I guess the day is catching up w/me. A long […]

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Thanks for the support of my DF(darling friend-that's right, right? Unless it already stands for Darling Frog? Maybe?…) Ali and for the correcting of a typo. Yes, what I MEANT to say-BY my lack of techno savvy. I just wanted to use that expression in something. I think it's so fun to say. Techno savvy. […]

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  Ok, so, I had this clever ‘introducing:my first blog’ type paragraph-plumb full of snappy quick-wit and cuteness and everything. I didn’t realize I had to SAVE it before going on and pushed the WRONG button and lost it! Oh the devastation! My world wide web debut thwarted but my lack of techno savvy. Oh […]


Is this thing on?

by Traci on February 16, 2006

in Just Plain SiLliNeSs!

  I shall attempt to master this thing later… Can anyone tell me how to work this thing? How is that possible, I never typed that! Stop, that’s not the right date/time. Oh bother! I’ll be back…

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